How to Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime

The #1 Best Selling Online Hypnosis Training video! A simple and easy to understand step by step How to Hypnotize Anyone, Anytime, Anywhere. This is where the majority of hypnotists begin their studies in hypnotism..

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Online Hypnosis Mastery

Beyond How to Hypnotize is creating a hypnotic environment in your office. Step up to a notch in your Hypnotic pursuits and enjoy your result oriented process.

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Hypnosis Simplified

You’ve learned the basics of hypnosis and now you’re ready to simplify the process.  Learning Hypnosis is like taking baby steps. Get a strong foundation first then progress to more complex ideas that can be best understood once you have some knowledge and practice under your belt..

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Bottom Line Hypnosis

Since 1986 Don Spencer has been providing Hypnosis services worldwide.  Whether you are here now to learn beginning Hypnosis or futuristic concepts that get fast results, Don is considered the trainers’ trainer in the world of Hypnosis.

From an extensive background that includes Clinical Hypnotherapy, Advanced Hypnotherapy Instructor, World Class Stage Hypnotism, you’ll know you are in good hands and will learn Hypnosis without restrictions, without boundaries, without hypnotic fluff.

Don produced the longest running comedy hypnosis show for 320 straight weeks from 1996 – 2002. He then took his show on the International stage. He has been seen on MTV, Fox, ABC, NBC, CBS, Virgin TV, performed for Kings and Queens, including performing the world’s only Holographic hypnotic presentation at Her Majesty’s Royal Theatre in Australia.

Hypnosis is a fun profession or skill set that will enhance every are of your life.


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Take time, take a deep easy breath and relax into the hypnotic world of Don Spencer and SleepNow™…

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