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Hello Friends, I began hypnosis fulltime in 1986 and created SleepNow™ Productions, Inc. 

Since that time it rapidly became one of the world's foremost sites for hypnotic information, hypnotic training, hypnotic products and professional hypnotic entertainment. I know you'll enjoy the site and I look forward to assisting you during your quest for hypnotic realities!

I am constantly working to stay abreast of the latest developments in the mind sciences and create hypnosis programs that are ground-breaking and futuristic. I believe you'll enjoy what I've done. As always, if you have any great ideas please feel free to drop me a line.

Hypnotic Biography of Spencer

Don Spencer first induced hypnosis at the age of 12. His young "girlfriend" at the time was being hypnotized by her father who was in the military. She taught the young Spencer the art of stilling the mind. He would sit quietly with her head on his lap. Rubbing her temples and having her count backwards she quickly entered a deep somnambulistic state! The astonished Spencer gave her directions. The teenage boy likened the experience to an exaggerated Simon Says.

Spencer never forgot that experience and over the years was drawn to books and classes, movies and people that hovered on the edge of the mysterious. His curiosity led him to formal educational studies in philosophy, psychology, physiology, abnormal behavior and comparative religion. Alternative studies that captivated his attention and lifestyle were shamanism, metaphysics, hypnotism, NLP, kinesiology, and theater.

1986 - Present day.... Spencer began his work as a Hypnotherapist. His most influential teachers at the time were Charles Tebetts, Ormand McGill, Jim Russell, Al Krasner, Gil Boyne and other notables to numerous to mention. He began his associations with the leading certification bodies of the day.
He developed the Hypnotism Training Institute of Idaho in 1989, Hypnotism Training International in Utah in 1991, the Personal Acheivement Center for private consultations and morphed into SleepNow™ Productions, Inc. SleepNow™ went online in 1994 as a leader in hypnosis information and technology.

In 1991 he raised the bar on Hypnosis Certification Training when he turned away from the traditional 30 hour or 150 hour courses offered at the time and began the first 300 hour Hypnotherapy Certification Program offering Hypnosis as a Career. He continued raising the bar with 700 hours of training. His school was registered as a Postsecondary Proprietary School with the Utah State Board of Regents to offer Diplomas in Hypnotherapy.

During this time he also taught Hypnosis for 4 years at the College of Southern Idaho plus hosted a weekly radio program called the Master Mind Hour. Thousands of people tuned in each week to listen and get hypnotized!

After spending over a decade as a Clinical Hypnotherapist, after training over 25,000 people in the art and science of hypnotism/hypnotherapy, after going nucking futs from being a full-time hypnotherapist running 4 highly successful offices in 2 states and 2 schools of hypnotherapy, after amassing an incredible library of over 1,000 books on the mind sciences, after hypnotizing hundreds of thousands of people, (now over 1,000,000 hypnotized) Spencer said enough.

Spencer stretched his imagination and followed a dream........

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