Hypnosis Consultation

Ready to create more positive changes in your life? I can visit you via Skype, in office or travel to your location.  I specialize in the most difficult life experiences and as a holistic practitioner we will update your lifestyle as well!  Click here for to contact me!

Hypnosis Trainings

For Professional Hypnosis Training you will want to click here. We offer Self-Hypnosis as basic self-instruction, Hypnotic Bootcamp for beginning Hypnotist & rookies alike, Black Belt of the Mind offering advanced concepts for seasoned Hypnotists / Hypnotherapists wanting to elevate their skills and awareness to the top of the game.

Hypnosis Entertainment

You can hire Don Spencer to perform his "SleepNow" Comedy Hypnosis Show anywhere in the world! Spencer performed the longest running comedy hypnosis show for 320 straight weeks. His shows span the globe from  2002 Olympics, MTV, Australia to Ireland to Dubai & Thailand, South America and the Caribbean! Get details...


Hypnosis Training: The Professional Edge

Over the years thousands of students have studied with Don Spencer in his hypnosis classes. The benefits are endless for the advanced communication patterns learned in his trainings. Whether you use it for clinical applications, business development, entertainment or to just be a mroe successful human being with the ability to reallly get where people are coming from, one thing is certain... if you don't know hypnosis, someone else does and how would you not know if you were under the hypnotic influence of someone else?

Where in the World Will You Go?

Hypnosis can open the door to global possibilities. Imagine a skill so unique, powerful and adaptable that allows you to travel the world and provide hypnosis services anywhere you can dream of having an adventure.  You can develop consultations, seminars, workshops, entertainment and help people create positive changes in their lives.

It all begins with proper Professional Hypnosis Training and it begins now when you join one of our classes or visit our store and begin your hypnotic journey in the comfort of your own home.


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